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Composing Part 2 March 19, 2015

I had intended one post about my writing process, but I hadn’t realized I had such a variety of writing processes. My two metal bands, Endearing Perversion and Molt are writing partnerships, and naturally I go about things differently when working with others.

I suggest handing me my flying V before reading this post.

With the exception of two songs, I never write lyrics for Endearing Perversion, only music. (FYI, Spermatophores was written entirely at Tim’s in the wee hours.) Generally what happens there, (and I hope she won’t mind me telling the world) is that The Diva... (more)


Shoe Interlude February 26, 2015

Some days my Shoe a Day calender is a bit of a let down. But other days, it’s downright inspirational. Today falls into the latter category.


Composing February 16, 2015

Oh the writing of music. As I mentioned in my previous post, I use many aides to write music. For starters, I always need one catch all method for musical ideas as they strike. In the past that’s been a blank notebook. All the early Kyla Tilley stuff was just lyrics and chord charts jotted on lined paper, with some notes on rhythm and picking/strumming patterns, but I never took the time to write out melodies or the guitar parts, nor did I record myself playing my songs, I just memorized how the songs went. Anything I didn’t play regularly... (more)


RPM Challenge February 10, 2015

Another February is upon us and so thoughts turn to the RPM challenge.

I’ve signed up for it most of the last 6 years, but I never finish it. I wasn’t planning to attempt it this year, but then I got the welcoming e-mail from RPM that included the statement:

"Whether you're gearing up for your 10th RPM album, or wallowing in 10 years of sordid failure... RPM 2015 needs you!"

Which made me feel a lot better about all my failures, and I figured, what the heck, and signed up again.

The most successful I... (more)


Workspace January 31, 2015

Turns out I’m writing a multi-post series on getting my practice area up and running. In my last post I talked about what software and gadgets I find useful, today I’ll talk about how I’ve arranged my work space for the new year, and some of the other essential items I have on hand.

Now that I’m not renting exterior rehearsal space I’ve had to arrange a corner of my house for music practice. (Actually, there are more like 3 or 4 corners, but we’ll get to that.) One half of my bedroom is now my main work area. I... (more)

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