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New Years Goals Part 1 Wearing Everything in my Closet February 02, 2024

It’s a New Year and of course time for resolutions and goal setting and excitement for the year ahead. I spent a lot of time in December considering failed 2023 goals and determining if they were worth having another go at, and if so, what went wrong and how can we do better this year. Last year I resolved to wear everything in my closet. I wanted to take lots of fashion plate pictures as I went through the year putting every single thing in my closet on my body. I had a secondary plan to get rid of anything in there that didn’t make me look and feel great, and make sure anything forgotten that was awesome made it’s way into regular rotation. I love fashion, and have a lot of clothes, but I do tend to wear the same things over and over.

In 2023 I had a good first week, but then it fell apart. Why was that? I figured out three main reasons. 1: We celebrate the new year in January, and January is cold. Why would that matter you ask? Because I would get out of the shower and rather than spend time considering outfits, I’d freezing put on the warmest comfiest thing I could find fastest. Anything that needed to be ironed did not get worn as there was no way I’d stand about ironing in the cold. By the time the weather warmed up, I really wasn’t thinking about putting together all these outfits.

2: Sometime early in the year I bought a fuzzy leopard print track suit. Why stand shivering in your closet considering outfits when you have something warm, fuzzy, and leopard print on hand? (And when the weather got warmer, I have a light army green track suit that I wore all the time instead. 2023, year of the track suit.)

3: I didn’t go in with a plan. My plan was to just start at one end of the rack and go. This is not a plan. I also didn’t have a plan for how I was going to document the outfits. Taking pictures and prepping them for social media took longer than it should have. I needed a plan for wearing all the clothes, and another for showing them all off.

How do we adjust for 2024? Well we have to deal with the cold. To combat this I’ve resolved to plan what I’m wearing for the week ahead during my weekly review, then hang them on a garment rack to get the full fashion show feeling. To help plan the outfits, I have taken an inventory of everything in the closet in a series of tables in a Milanote board so I can keep tabs on how often things are getting worn. When I do my reviews, I will look ahead to any shows/events etc coming up so I can plan accordingly. I’ve also chosen some recurring themes to help me decide what to wear. (If you’ve been watching my show you have perhaps heard me mention Formal Fridays.) This should help go through the rotation, as well as mitigate the wearing of the warm fuzzy leopard print track suit. I liked the way I did photograph the outfits last year, so I’m trying to get a corner set up to snap photos quickly to then just share as stories or in a round-up on the blog, but that step has yet to manifest. I’m not worried.

A screenshot of a Milanote board showing a series of tables containing clothing items.

Furthermore, this year I am not considering this a resolution, I’m considering it a goal. I have also given it further weight by attaching it to my other goals which involve augmenting my live performances and building my audience. I’ll be making videos, I’ll be performing on stage. By associating ‘Wear everything in my closet’ with ‘Look good for the stage/video/live stream/photo’ I give the goal more weight. It’s no longer simply something whimsical, it now means business.

To track this, I have added ‘Dress like Barbie’ to my weekly habit tracker. (More on this in an upcoming post!)

— Kyla
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