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Kyla Tilley Solo Album June 03, 2015

Many of you are wondering what the deal is with the Kyla Tilley solo album I recorded a couple years ago. Well, you’ll all be horrified to hear that I recorded everything just a bit too quietly, and I have to do the whole thing again. There was a bit of time in which we thought only certain parts needed to be re-recorded, or that the recordings could be saved somehow, but after several passes, it’s been determined that the album as recorded would not be able to be mastered to a professional level. It is unfortunate that I avoided... (more)


CWHL May 11, 2015

Here’s me with the Clarkson Cup!

I thought I’d take a little timeout from the playoffs to talk a bit about my other favourite hockey league, the CWHL. I visited the City of Markham in March to see the CWHL Clarkson Cup tournament. That’s Clarkson as in Adrienne Clarkson, as like all sporting cups worth their salt in Canada, this one is named for and was first presented by a Governor General. In it’s 8th year, the Canadian Women’s Hockey League is still quite small, with 5 teams comprised of the world’s best female hockey players.... (more)


Composing Part 2 March 19, 2015

I had intended one post about my writing process, but I hadn’t realized I had such a variety of writing processes. My two metal bands, Endearing Perversion and Molt are writing partnerships, and naturally I go about things differently when working with others.

I suggest handing me my flying V before reading this post.

With the exception of two songs, I never write lyrics for Endearing Perversion, only music. (FYI, Spermatophores was written entirely at Tim’s in the wee hours.) Generally what happens there, (and I hope she won’t mind me telling the world) is that The Diva... (more)


Shoe Interlude February 26, 2015

Some days my Shoe a Day calender is a bit of a let down. But other days, it’s downright inspirational. Today falls into the latter category.


Composing February 16, 2015

Oh the writing of music. As I mentioned in my previous post, I use many aides to write music. For starters, I always need one catch all method for musical ideas as they strike. In the past that’s been a blank notebook. All the early Kyla Tilley stuff was just lyrics and chord charts jotted on lined paper, with some notes on rhythm and picking/strumming patterns, but I never took the time to write out melodies or the guitar parts, nor did I record myself playing my songs, I just memorized how the songs went. Anything I didn’t play regularly... (more)