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Spring! June 07, 2024

This is my first single with a b-side that I’ve released and I’m quite pleased with it. I had initially just planned to release the song Spring! but once I had it recorded, I thought that the very short and sweet Seeds would make a great accompaniment. Spring! initially came out of my involvement with Tree Songs, a series of online concerts that were set up to raise awareness around a forest in our nation’s capital slated to be cut down to, get this, put up a parking lot.

I wanted Spring! to be pretty stripped down. I had initially planned to just do guitar and vocals, as I would do it live, with a little added bass. After I had that initial recording, I thought, well, maybe just a couple extra ‘Spring!’ vocals in the chorus. And then it was, oh, maybe just a bit more on the last chorus. Oh, maybe just a touch here in the verses. So we’ve ended up with a bunch of very Steeleye Span influenced backing vocals throughout the song that I’m quite pleased with.

Seeds is a very short song that I wrote during one of the Song Fancy 5 in 5 Challenges. (Write a song to a prompt every day from Monday to Friday for one week.) This song was written on a Thursday. Many of my shortest songs were written on the Thursday of the 5 in 5 lol. The prompt was a list of 10 words, with the idea that you use 5 in a song. Two of those words were ‘dirt’ ‘wind’ which got me thinking about how seeds are distributed. (As of writing, this song is still listed in my Twitch streamer request list as ‘Untitled song about plant sex.’ It didn’t get called Seeds until I uploaded it to my distributor.) With time, I changed dirt and wind to earth and breeze.

Since this is such a short and silly little song I thought I’d let myself have fun with the recording. I did a straight run through of the song and then a repeat with a ton of layered vocals and glockenspiel. It really reminds me of something Blind Melon might have done. This seems like something that I could someday release a 12 minute cut of. This cut is 1 minute and 13 seconds.

A pair of smiling blue eyes looking at you from behind a branch of a cherry tree in full bloom.  They blong to a white woman with brown hair wearing a snake print shirt.  It is a beautiful blue sky kind of day

— Kyla
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