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Mother's Day May 12, 2024

Today is Mother’s Day so I thought I’d share some pics of the trip me and my mom took to London last year.

A mother and daughter sitting on side by side twin beds in a hotel room. 1: We shared a room with silly little twin beds in Covent Garden.

A white woman with white hair and glasses wearing a black turtle neck enjoying a plate of oysters in an art gallery restaurant.

2: Mom likes to go to art museums when we travel, so first up was the National Portrait Gallery where we had a delicious lunch in the Gallery’s rooftop restaurant.

A selfie of a mother and daughter in St. Martin's Theatre, taken so that the ceiling and balconies are present.  They are both white women.  The daughter has long brown hair and is wearing pink lipstick, the mother has white hair and glasses and looks very happy to be at the theatre.

3: Mom’s main reason for going on this trip was to see The Mousetrap at St. Martin’s theatre. Here we are admiring the building.

A white woman with white hair wearing a fabulous fun fur animal print coat, leaning casually in a theatre at the end of a play, looking off into the distance. 4: There was a funky thrift shop near our hotel where mom bought a fabulous coat which she then wore to the play.

A round plaque stating: 84 Charing Cross Road The Booksellers Marks & Co. Were on this site which became world renowned through the book by Helene Hanff

5: The only other sight she was set on seeing was the plaque at 84 Charing Cross rd, where a famous book store once sat. It’s a McDonald’s now.

Two women in the Amina Muaddi lounge at Herrods Department store.  There is a large oval shaped seating area set in the floor, with round tables.  Behind them is a wall display of shoes and purses.  The ceiling is a mirror, so there are funky looking reflections in the upper portion of the image. 6: I of course wanted to go to Herrods Department store and mom was down for that too. Significant time was spent in the shoe department.

A white woman with white hair and a blue coat standing very still amongst the ancient Egyptian inspired stone sculptures decorating Herrods Department store in London. 7: Here’s mom blending into the scenery at Herrods.

A military band from the back view standing in front of an imposing white stone building next to a statue, a bike lane, and a set of traffic lights.  Off to the side you can see more military on horse back.  They have just finished playing God Save the King.

8: On our last day the Tate Britain was on the agenda, but busses weren’t running due to the opening of Parliament. We decided to walk, and accidentally saw all the sights like Trafalgar Square and Big Ben, and King Charles flying out a gate in a chariot! Here’s a shot of the band that follows him around to play God Save The King as he comes and goes.

Two women riding a bus.  One has white hair, big sunglasses, and is wearing a blue coat and a black face mask.  The other is wearing a grey and pink face mask, a green coat. 9: We did get to ride a double decker red bus to get back to our hotel after!

A woman standing in front of an iconic red London phone booth.

10: Speaking of iconic red things in London, we also found this phone booth.

All in all, a good trip.

— Kyla
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