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Rush For Cover March 15, 2024

A painting of a dog wearing star-shaped sunglasses.  The dog and the background are various shades of orange, with blue highlights.  The words 'Rush for Cover' are superimposed overtop.

I’ve had to sit on this for about 3 years as all the logistics were worked out, and I’m super stoked to be able to tell you that I am a part of this Rush Tribute Album that will be released on April 26th! There is currently a pre-sale and auction ongoing. You can find all the details HERE!

I cover Subdivisions on this. When I sat down to work out the arrangement, I was surprised to discover that I didn’t need to change the key as I guess me and Geddy Lee have parallel vocal ranges. When I listened back to the acoustic recording, I was surprised by how much it sounded like a Kyla Tilley song. People have pointed out in the past that you can tell I’m a Rush fan when you listen to my music, and this cover really makes that abundantly clear. I had a lot of fun putting this arrangement together, and playing the guitar solo with the super 80s tone.

“RUSH FOR COVER is an album dedicated to RUSH, the greatest progressive rock trio of all time. A collaboration between Twice As High Records and JIB Machine Records, the album consists of nine brand new interpretations of classic RUSH songs by an international cast of independent, underground artists (none of whom are trios themselves). RUSH FOR COVER is a RUSH tribute album created by RUSH fans for RUSH fans.

To coincide with the pre-sale RUSH FOR COVER we have a very special fundraising auction that includes; the original painting used for the cover of the album by fan and artist Kelly Drew; a one-of-a-kind test pressing of RUSH FOR COVER signed by all of the artists; a stack of original RUSH vinyl (including a sealed, original pressing of “Clockwork Angels”, various promo 12”s and original 45s). All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Glioblastoma Foundation, The V Foundation for Cancer Research (founded by ESPN and legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano), and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.”

— Kyla
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