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Hades Mustard Coloured Heels February 08, 2024

This is a pair of really killer shoes that I sometimes forget that I own.

I got them on a deep discount while shopping for another pair of shoes on the Hades Footwear website during the pandemic. I had ordered a different pair of shoes that took about a year from the time I ordered them to the time they arrived (but that’s a different shoe story.) Anyway, they gave me a discount code (among other things, very good customer service at Hades!) and I was perusing the site and see these which were already in the sales bin. I’ve never once said to myself, now what I’m missing is a pair of mustard colourd heels, but these jumped out at me. I love the geometric platform and the industrial heel and rivets. This was also during a period where I was doing my damndest not to buy another pair of black heels. These pair as well with jeans and a white T or a little black dress as they do with a full on goth or steampunk look. Well done Hades Footwear!

Mustard coloured high heeled open toed shoe with an interestding black geometric platform an industrial bolt for a heel decorated with rivets.

— Kyla
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