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Just what's in my closet anyway? February 03, 2024

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I’m going to achieve my goal of wearing everything in my closet, and I mentioned that as part of my plan to achieve that goal I’ve taken inventory of what resides there. This has given my some insight into my own personal style that I thought would be fun to share.

The clothes in my closet fall into a handful of categories. LBDs, Crocket & Tubbs, metal T-shirts, Rocker Barbie, Kyla actually wanted to be a dancer.

We’ll start with the Little Black Dresses. Unless I missed something in the laundry, I have 13 Little Black Dresses, 1 long black dress, and 7 black skirts that could be paired with 7 black tank tops to look like 7 (or 49!) more Little Black Dresses. There were a number of years during which I only wore black. I always looked good. I’m not sure exactly when that changed, but we watched Weird Al’s video for Tacky the other day and I had the plummeting realization that I would wear pretty much every garment worn in that video. (Prap’s not at the same time…but I’d wear them.)

Anyway, that’s a solid 3 weeks of black dresses.

I’ve always loved suits. I love the look of a man in a suit. I love the look of anyone in a suit. I love wearing suits. My first Barbie was Day and Night Barbie, (My only Ken was Day and Night Ken!) and she had a fabulous pink suit with a sparkly pink body suit. Probably because I’m a musician and I’ve got all these punk and hippie friends, I think the most subversive thing you can wear is a suit. I have no less than 10 blazers in my closet, two of which have matching skirts. Of course, they are mostly the kind of blazer Don Johnson would have worn on Miami Vice, and because of him and Barbie, Iam all about the blazer over a tank top. There are about half a dozen blazers that are already in regular rotation, I’d like to get them all in there.

When I lived in Montreal I went to a lot of metal shows. If I liked the band, and they had girlie-Ts, I would buy a T-shirt. I haven’t worn many of these since moving back to Newfoundland and spending a large part of every day onscreen playing folk music. (Though I make no secret that I’m actually a metalhead) I counted 12 tank tops, 26 Ts that fit well, 5 that fit okay, and 2 that don’t fit all that great. I know there is another pile of metal shirts that didn’t fit all that well that I already moved into a bag to be turned into a quilt. I’d forgotton about some of the bands and got excited about hearing them again. I’d forgotton about some of the awesome t-shirts I have for bands I love. (There’s a very stylish Gorguts shirt that I wore with a pencil skirt a lot.)

This brings us to my Rocker Barbie collection. I have a lot of colourful leggings, sparkly tights, slinky shiny dresses, body suits, catsuits, high heels. So much lingerie! I also have tons and tons of accessories. Loads of things to put in my hair, funky ball caps, jewelry, scarves. (I also own 17 bikinis and a couple big floppy hats so Malibu Barbie shows up sometimes too!) Some of these are things I wear more often, onstage and onscreen, but there are some fancier dresses that stay in the closet, and I haven’t really worn any of my skirts since moving to Newfoundland. Part of that has to do with them being less conducive to sitting with a classical guitar. I have some great skirts.

Finally, I do sometimes wish I’d become a back-up dancer. I took some ballet classes in my 30s partly because of my love for tights/leggings and legwarmers. Tank tops under loose crop tops, and super soft long sleeved shirts. Did I mention leg warmers? I spend a lot of my time (actually, most of my time) looking like I’m ready for dance class or otherwise lounging around in something stylish but very comfortable. American Apparel was my favourite store, and that was pretty much their look, and of course I’m a runner and I love working out so I’ve got quite a bit of athletic wear. Sometimes my ‘Kyla really wanted to be a dancer’ look mingles with my ‘Rocker Barbie’ look and I end up looking like a pro-wrestler.

So there we have it. Now that I’ve got the inventory, I’ll work on the rotation.

Four images of the same white woman with long brown hair standing in a room with a white leopard print rug, wearing different outfits. There's pink lamé leggings with a white and pink floral blazer.  There's a longsleeved red bodycon dress with leopard print tights.  Theres a black secretary dress with a black blazer over pink snakeskin leggings, and there's a brown snakeprint shirt over black leather-like leggings.

— Kyla
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