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Week of July 10th to 15th July 16, 2023

We started the week off with our Sunday game stream in which I played a lot of minigames. The Monday Morning Sing Song was really lovely again, and we ended by raiding the Otter Tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Tuesday was a very productive pre-production day. Got some issues with upgrading my DAW sorted, and settled on some click tracks.

The theme for this week’s Wednesday Warble was colours, and as a result I added Sting’s Fields of Gold to my list of covers, and got ‘I’m Here for the party’ back in rotation, even if it’s a little rough and not quite finished. Afterwards, over on the songwriting stream, I finished it and two or three songs, determined another two songs were actually finished, and then started work on finishing up the song I started a while back about the instagram birthday scammer. After that show we raided Gnat Chat who I picked randomly from the list of music streamers and discovered a really delightful talent. What a voice!

Thursday brought some errands, including a trip to get suited up for the softball league I’ve joined this summer! Turns out all my Yakuza Baseball Minigame playing has improved my hand eye coordination and I am now capable of hitting a softball!

On Friday I headed in to St. John’s to perform a lunch time show for The Gathering Place. They are a local community health centre that offer an incredible array of services to folks struggling with poverty and homelessness. One of the many things they do is offer 3 meals a day 7 days a week to anyone who needs it. It was a beautiful day for an outdoor concert. If you’re looking for a place to throw some money, they would certainly welcome it, and put it to great use.

Then I got home and continued work on the scammer song on Friday’s stream. We were raided by Emma O’Reilly and it turns out she had also been approached with the scam we were writing about, so that was really fun. We in turn raided our friends The Foothill Rounders who are always just fantastic.

A good week overall I’d say.

— Kyla
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