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Queen of the Damned July 10, 2023

We went on a vampire movie spree. Some people are really into vampires. I’m not one of those people, but I did read Anne Rice’s first 4 vampire novels (20 years ago) and I recall liking Queen of the Damned the best, so I was particularly excited about this film when it came out. I led my series last week with a 10 star review. Here’s my four star review of Queen of the Damned. I suspect those stars are for visuals.

Queen of the Damned (2002)

4/10 stars

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Date Watched: 12 June 2023

I paid money to see this in the theatre when it came out. I went to an earlier enough show that when it was over, I went back in and watched Enemy at the Gates for the second time because I couldn’t stand having my last theatre experience be that bad. My husband had a similar experience at the time.

Anyway, we’re watching vampire movies, so we decided to see if this one’s as bad as we remember it.

This is every bit as bad as I remember it. The acting is so bad across the board that this must be a direction issue. Who wrote this script? Was there a script? I’m not sure if they had a script.

The decor was pretty cool though. There was a leopard print couch and a really big bathtub I would have in my home, and at one point Stuart Townsend sports a fabulous blue floral blazer that I would totally wear.

— Kyla
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