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Week of July 2nd - 8th July 08, 2023

After a couple weeks of traveling we got back to our first full week of streaming. We started the week on Sunday playing Yakuza Kiwami 2, then the Monday Morning Sing Song was really plesant. We had lots of regulars there for the whole 3 hours, had some new viewers, and then we got raided by Aza Inspirator and then raided Kevin Wong, who greets raiders by singing their bios. I wrote a song to the prompt ‘Last Pair of Heels’ which I then sang over on Rob’s VOM. On Tuesday I settled on click tracks for a couple songs I’m recording. On Wednesday I did a 10 song set about Summer on the Youtube Weekly Wednesday Warble, but I forgot to press the ‘go live’ button on Youtube, so I sang 3 songs into the void and then had to sing them again. Oops. Wednesday’s Twitch writing stream was very chatty, but I still managed to almost finish the lyrics to ‘Camping in a Hurricaine’ then we raided Sarah Lightman who was doing an all originals request show. On Friday night I was a guest on Juels Bland and Chris Ehrich’s bizzaro youtube talk show and I had a blast. We talked about video games and songwriting. I sang almost all my sad songs, and we ended with a bit of a song circle. You can check the replay out over here.

It’s been an action packed week.

— Kyla
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