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Iron Fist October 05, 2022

The shoe I’ve put together to go with the song I Am Chaos is this Iron Fist zombie/skull heel with pretty black bows and pink soles. The mixture of the classic, sleek, open toed heel, along with the horror movie imagery is the perfect pairing for this song.

I got these at Go West, which is a really fun shoe store in Montreal. They sell very nice cowboy boots, but they supplement their income by buying up shoes at liquidation and selling them for $30 each. It’s a fun store. They also lend shoes for photo shoots, and I have always planned to take them up on that, but the opportunity has yet to come up. (Remarkably!)

I have a short performance coming up at the Folk Music Ontario conference next week. I have I Am Chaos in the set list, and I have chosen these shoes to wear on stage during it, partially because of the pairing. Partially because they are a tried and true stage shoe for me. And partially because earlier this year I had an artist booth at another music conference and I brought those shoes to decorate it. I expect to see some of the same people, and it never hurts to have a little something like that that may jog someone’s memory.

— Kyla
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