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90s Sneaker Heels October 02, 2022

This week I’m promoting my song One Foot in Front of the Other, and the natural shoe pairing for this number are this pair of sporty heels.

There was a bit of a trend in the late 90s of sneaker heels. I would like ten more pairs of them. They come back every few years, but the more recent models have been wedges, which I do like, but there’s something about the high tops and lace up fronts of some of the 90s one’s that I just loved. The only pair I currently have are these NM70s. (NM for Nicolle Murray) I got them second hand at a Value Village in Montreal.

At the time, I had my sights set of the 100 metre stiletto dash. These have straps, and would not have been acceptable in competition, but I can run pretty well in them (because of the grip and the straps) so I have a vague recollection of buying these saying: Here’s my training shoes. They look really good with my favourite work-out shirt.

They also look good with a T-shirt dress:

And with jeans.

Three cheers for a versatile shoe I say.

— Kyla
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