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April set up. April 17, 2021

The spring is upon us. (So of course it’s been snowing here for two days.)

We’ve moved into our new house and I am almost finished setting up my studio. There remains a lot of work to do on the electric side with the drum kit as it will need some sound proofing. Even though we have few and further neighbours, drums are loud, and sound carries, so we still have work to do, but my singer-songwriter acoustic space is operational.

I am very excited about my studio. It is in the basement, but the basement is above ground, and there is a door leading directly to the yard, and I am very excited about writing there with the windows opened once the weather warms up a little. I was also finally able to get my hands on a desk that is the right height for me, and my back and shoulders feel so much better after a day’s work. I had wanted to get a gaming desk so that I’d have places to hang my headphones, a shelf for my computer tower, and built in ports for power, but they were all too high, with too little surface area. (Not to mention, oof, you pay for those features. Some of them even light up! I’d have had fun on my show with that.)

I lost uncountable hours online searching for the right thing. I finally found a large plain white desk at Ikea with a broad adjustable height range, but it took some time for it to be available in NL. I’m glad I waited for it though. It’s just right, though I need to install a hook for my headphones, and a shelf for my computer tower…And finding the best way to place all the cables…

Now I’m experimenting with setting up interesting looking performance spaces for live streaming. I hosted an open mic recently, and performed in a couple mini-showcase style events and I am looking to up my visual game. I’m also planning to do more mini live streamed concerts. I’ve been writing so many songs on my show, but I haven’t really been able to learn many of them, so I figure if I start doing a bunch of small, perhaps unscheduled concerts I can start getting them all under my fingers. I did one such concert on Thursday night and it worked out real well. These will be casual affairs as I want to hit the ground running. I’ll have my lyrics and chords there with me, and I’ll probably talk about practicing during the sets. Perhaps I will even do some longer streams where I just loop a set, so it will be part performance, part practice and people can drop in at will. hmmm, maybe I’ll even schedule some of those in advance. So many things a person can do, and so many places a person can do them.

A look at the current desk situation:

— Kyla
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