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Vagarys December 12, 2020

There is more music out in the world now. This fall I recorded and released Vagarys. It’s 5 songs, all from song prompts, with most written this year, and one written live on my twitch show.

There were a lot of issues with the recording. First it was the USB ports on my laptop being flaky and causing my recording software to loose contact with my recording hardware. Then it was our moving truck taking longer than expected so the bass and drums were late getting here. My main guitar recording mic and my bass developed loose connections or something as well adding unwanted distortion to my tracks. I had to replace the microphone with my handy zoom recorder, that has an unsolved latency issue with my software, meaning I had to line my guitar takes up by hand. I replaced my right handed bass tuned to E Standard with my husband’s left handed bass tuned to D standard. (Fortunately, I had envisioned very simple bass lines, so this was remarkably more doable than one would think.) If I was a normal human being with round wound strings on my bass I would have just borrowed/rented a right-handed bass, but I’m a big fan of flat wound strings. I have them on all my guitars as well as the bass, and my husband has them on all his basses. I was not interested in buying and installing bass strings on an instrument that doesn’t belong to me. Fortunately, I’m a player who depends heavily on muscle memory, so it really wasn’t a stretch for me to just learn the pattern of the bass line and then play it. Also, having that low D at my disposal made the bass lines even better. Then, because we’re all stuck at home recording, all the distributors are backlogged so things are slow getting to the streaming services.

Three of the 5 songs are about situations that don’t quite go as planned/hoped for, so I figure that was all pretty par for the course.

But in the end, it’s all recorded. It was released to all platforms on the same day. It sounds great. The drums are awesome. You can hear it at any points below, and anywhere else you may stream music.




Apple Music

— Kyla
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