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Musical Miscellany July 11, 2012

In other musical news, the Kyla Tilley album is well underway, but has taken a bit of a back seat since arriving on The Rock. Happily, the lovely Sahara Jane (aka Sara Nasr) passed through Montreal a couple months back. We played a show together, and then she dropped by my studio, napped on the couch, and laid down backing vocals for three songs. We also took a stroll among some caserollers, but I wouldn’t give her a pot to hit, cause we only had the one evening to get work done. The following week-end, Ed Hudson came by with his violin, his bodrhan and his vocal chords, and in about 4 hours recorded violin for 4 songs, and bodrhan and vocals for one song each. I must say, it was a very smooth and pleasant recording experience. I still have one guitar track to do, and I’m probably going to redo most of my vocals since I’m in the woods, and listening to my other vocal tracks, I think there may be too much fridge in some of them. Also, the day before I left Montreal, I did a photo shoot for the KT album/site etc. Here’s a sample.

— Kyla
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