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Loose Summer July 10, 2012

I’m in Newfoundland for the summer. I’m currently working on the music for a multi-media fashion show with Cara Winsor-Hehir and Malin Enstrom. Cara’s providing the fashion, Malin is doing projections onto said fashion, and I am working on the back-ground music. It’s a cycle of five short airy, summery pieces. The keys in order are Bb E A C B which in German musical nomenclature spells out B E A C H. They’re simple numbers, guitar accompanied by flute, and one piece has a vocal accompaniment. It has a very Incredible String Band feel to it. The show is this Saturday chez Alison of [Heavy Metal Soup Kitchen] ( fame, and starts at 9pm.

One of my projects for the summer is to try to remember to take pictures. Later on I’ll start trying to take good pictures, but for now, I’m trying to become someone who has a camera and thinks to use it. If I think to use it on Saturday night, I’ll post some on this blog. Otherwise, (and also) I’ll ask you to take a look at Cara’s blog, where she will undoubtedly have many photos from the event posted.

— Kyla
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