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Kyla Tilley is a Canadian prog-folk singer-songwriter known for her emotionally turbulent live performances, her gymnastic guitar playing, and her fabulous shoe collection. Using whatever words she likes, Kyla constructs tales true and tall of fantastic exploits, mundane tasks, and moderate misadventure which she delivers with a mix of vocal fusillades, chaotic finger-picking, and kaleidoscopic rhythms.

Twelve such songs can be found on Kyla's sophomore album Bloom & Grow. A mercurial collection of songs about personal growth, self-acceptance, and the obstacles that get in the way of an individual's desire to leave something of themselves for the ages.

Kyla lives in a small town in Newfoundland and Labrador where you will find her strolling on the beach, hiking in the woods, and broadcasting glimpses into her songwriting sessions live on Twitch, where her stalwart followers are encouraged to heckle, cheer, and distract, as Kyla wrestles words, cajoles melodies, and hammers out guitar parts.

"I noticed again last night how much respect she brings to performing. She honours the work and the audience, and it gets us to honour her in return. That's a very nice thing."
- Helge, House Concert Host, Montreal
"There is an intelligence and quick humor to Kyla Tilley's live show that is both thought provoking and entertaining"
- Ken Shorley, Nova Scotia
"Kyla Tilley is a masterful musician with amazing lyrics, intricate guitar licks and an ability to keep the audience hanging on every word. She was a highlight of the festival."
- Sahara Jane, Nova Scotia
"What's going to come out of her mouth next?"
- Kathleen Glauser, Naming the Twins
"Kyla's song writing is as much motivated by daring progressive musicianship, as it is by simple infectious joy."
- Matt, Toronto
"When you listen to Kyla Tilley's music it feels like you are a child again. You listen to that and it just feels like this beautiful intimate experience with childhood."
-Kalden Berg, singer-songwriter, South Africa
"and she's ... a BEAST."
-Rob Hinkal, Executive Director, FocusMusic, Baltimore