"I noticed again last night how much respect she brings to performing. She honours the work and the audience, and it gets us to honour her in return. That's a very nice thing."
- Helge, House Concert Host, Montreal
"There is an intelligence and quick humor to Kyla Tilley's live show that is both thought provoking and entertaining"
- Ken Shorley, Nova Scotia
"Kyla Tilley is a masterful musician with amazing lyrics, intricate guitar licks and an ability to keep the audience hanging on every word. She was a highlight of the festival."
- Sahara Jane, Nova Scotia
"Kyla's song writing is as much motivated by daring progressive musicianship, as it is by simple infectious joy."
- Matt, Toronto
"The accuracy and hilarity in which she described the gruelling experience of working in a call centre was so spot on, I was crying with laughter. "
- Meaghan, Toronto
"What's going to come out of her mouth next?"
- Kathleen Glauser, Naming the Twins

For booking, press inquiries, or to request CDs or mp3s for radio play: kyla@kylatilley.com