Kyla Tilley grew up criss-crossing Canada between Alberta and Newfoundland, singing along to Steeleye Span and Jethro Tull while playing the classical guitar and developing a deep love for JS Bach and heavy metal. At some point along the way she heard the music of John Prine, found herself surrounded by singer-songwriters, and took up the pen herself. Now residing in Montreal, Kyla harnesses these influences, along with a passion for insects and an inordinate fondness for high heels into her songwriting, yielding a collection of sometimes sad, often funny, occasionally disconcerting, story-telling songs tinged with dissonant harmonies and alluring melodies, which rarely rhyme.

In the summer of 2019 Kyla released New Shoes, her first full-length album. New Shoes is a collection of songs written over the course of a decade, telling the stories of women from different walks of life, interspersed with numbers about relatable day-to-day situations. Though many songs on the album are accompanied by a back-up band, Kyla's live show remains a stripped down, intimate affair, bringing her audience on a tour of all the emotions, sharing the stories behind the songs, showcasing her chops on her electric classical and custom steel-string guitars, all the while sporting eye-catching examples from her gallery worthy shoe collection.

Kyla's endeavours have ranged from country to metal with many digressions in-between. She appeared in the documentary "Water Street" with country/folk band Bareback; performed at a Sound Symposium with experimental music group Sound Circus; had a song recorded by Canadian Idol finalist Jenny Gear; played art galleries and events as a solo classical guitarist and with the bass and guitar duo Cat's Paw; and composed cat-walk music and provided guitar solos for comedian and fashion diva Cara Winsor-Hehir. As Mistress Pandemonium, she is the riff-generating half of Newfoundland heavy metal band Endearing Perversion.

In 2018 Kyla released Whimseys, a 5 song EP of some of her more whimsical numbers performed simply with guitar and voice and Loose Summer, a mostly instrumental composition for the cat-walk featuring 5 short episodes of airy guitar, flute, bottles and found percussion.

Kyla currently lives in Montreal and can be found singing (and occasionally playing guitar) in La Chorale Harmonia, playing guitar (and occasionally singing) in progressive death metal band Molt, and singing and playing guitar with violinist Ed Hudson in folk duo Tea & Bread, which melds Kyla's original material with Ed's love of British folk song.